The 6 A’s which describe fundamental emotional needs.

Connecting emotionally & sexually with beautiful women doesn’t require hard work, nor externally-definable success – they simply crave someone who will continuously provide them with at least four of the “Six A-Words”:







* This Approval must be genuine, or it will be detrimental to the woman, and your relationship with her.

** Enough of either one of these can often make up for a shortfall of the other!

‘Acknowledgment’ = externally identifiable recognition.

This appeals to her ‘Ego’, by reassuring the recipient of the security of their situation: If you put a ring on her finger, or otherwise publicly acknowledge her as ‘valid’ by means of your having ‘contracted’ her, this aggrandizement can compensate for a lack of attention paid to her directly.

This is VERY COMMON in publicly displayed long-term relationships; but if you instead PAY LOTS OF DIRECT ATTENTION TO HER, you appeal to her ‘id’, and fulfill a different critical need.

It it not impossible to provide all six at once in a publicly expressed relationship, although it is NOT possible to do so in a “Doesn’t Count” or “Just Friends [with benefits!]” relationship, of course.

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