Become a Successfulness Mentor to Help Others

Some of us aren't content to just know, we want to live, teach, help. The Successfulness Mentor program has been designed for those who want to make a difference in others' lives.

Whether you want to help friends and family, co-workers or employees, or even strangers wherever you might run into them - this program is for you. In this program you'll learn:

  • How to deeply understand the principles of Successfulness so you can both apply them more efficiently to your own life, and explain them to others.
  • How to have the kind of conversations and discussions that will open others' minds to the possibilities that are out there.
  • How to explain and teach the things you have to share in different ways, fitting your own personal style and all the individual personalities you'll run into out there.
  • How to guide someone from a question, to a thought, to new knowledge, to insight - and finally to a new life.

Course Details

Prerequisite: The Successfulness Workshop

The Mentor Program starts out with a week-long intensive where you and a handful of others to-be Mentors gather to learn the Successfulness Paradigms even better, and to be drilled in how to best communicate them to others.

After the week-long intensive you'll have the opportunity to do a weekly coaching call for the next month with your instructor. This is a time to share your experiences and get real-time feedback on your way of explaining the paradigms and mentoring others.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the Successfulness Coaching Certification.

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Whenever we're ready to set a date for the next workshop, you will be contacted via email.